I have requested Ms Ramona Boberis' s services for a project. It was involving the arrangement of the ground level of the villa in which we live. The mission was to find ingenious usage of the space and valuing the different pre-existing decorations and buying other items in order to harmoniously complete the setting. This project also implied the space partition and purchase of tapestry complementary with the other items from the house. Ms Ramona Boberis knew how to combine perfectly all the elements and to provide a pleasant and relaxing ambiance of the furbished space. The project represented a prolific collaboration between me and the architect; she was very receptive and flexible to my suggestions during the work.
Mioara BUCUR (BUCUR / individual house CLINCENI /ILFOV / Romania)


I wanted something "WOW " and I got it !!!!
It was all started at a meeting between two friends having a coffee. I had just bought an apartment in which I wanted to move in together with my wife and our two children and I have got immediately an idea : Ramona, I want something "wow" for my apartment, can it be done? And I kept insisting about how it would be until the end of its achievement. I have to admit that I was a difficult client.
At the end I was surprised and amazed about the result!! And I'll say a single thing : Thank you Ramona and thank you for accepting this project and thank you for your patience!!!!
Jihad HASSAN (HASSAN / apartment in BUCHAREST/Romania)


After long debates, we have managed to buy a house / big enough for a 4 members family, but not big enough for our wishes; with a balanced ratio price-quality, but inappropriate for a fresh family.
So, what is to be done in this case? We are not extremely good in laying out the house and we do not have either money to loose in failed attempts.
Finally, we've got a life-saving idea! Ramona, the person and the architect that managed to convince our God parents some years ago. We discovered firstly the person - gentle, kind, patient, opened, energetic, direct, clear; then, I have discovered the architect : professional, modest, with a language appropriate for each interlocutor, interested in the opinion and needs of the customer/every family member, with personalised and optimal ideas for the family budget, responsible, honest. Finally, we did it! Our house is the one we have wanted so long! Thank you, Ramona, good luck! I kindly recommend her!
Cristina POPESCU (POPESCU / house in CORBEANCA / ILFOV /Romania)


I found the help of an authentic specialist. Apart the space, taking into account that is a new business, I received a full package of services. They included the creation of an original brand original, Clinic 32, easy to keep in mind and completed by the slogan which represents very closely the purpose of our activity, "Tot sa zambesti" (Keep smiling).
That is because the interior architecture transposed in an original manner the brand image, the specialist managing to create a pleasant ambiance, cosy and different from other dentist clinics, later appreciated by the patients and recommended further on.
I congratulate myself for the choice I've made, because this investment contributed to the expansion and development of the company I lead, the same team of architects working to all the new offices we needed in only few years.
We all believe we are good at interior architecture and design but it is very easy to fall in this trap, to invest and at the end to get uniquely flattered only by our ego. We have managed something on one's own, but this does not represent the success and professionalism you need especially when managing a business.
An architect may change your life and the life of the persons in your charge, the team of Clinic 32 becoming larger and larger.
Beauty means functionality as well. And only afterwards, the beauty may be recognised by anyone.
Thank you to the team INNERKO!
CLINICA 32 manager (brand identity book / project interior architecture for dental clinic in BUCHAREST/ Romania)


I have requested for the services INNERKO where I have found a professional with the vision and the responsibility of the entire changing process, a special person who invest feelings in what she does, the architect Ramona BOBERIS.
The objective was to layout the interior of a massage and reflex-therapy saloon, so that the interior architecture beauty influences the clients from inside. I enjoyed a creative experience together with the most emphatic and gifted architect, so that the cabinet layout did not represent a problem and I have even experienced an anticipated thrill in this space functioning.
The interior layout obtained with the specialist help represented a time, money and stress saving options. I have considered this rearrangement as a long term investment and I have the confidence and the warranty of a well done work.
My collaboration with Ramona Boberis could be described only in superlatives, the professionalism and orientation toward the client being the key-points of our every meeting. I am glad to recommend the services of INNERKO company should make you to enjoy experiences truly personalised, adapted to your needs.
Iudita Visan, manager, (medical cabinet BIO-HOLISTIC)