Sites are ugly. So are the surgeries. If during an operation you had woken up and see the "carnage", you would have great doubts on the healing. The architect is the one who decides that the process is over and is ready to assess. Patience! (R.B.)
If you see a man talking with himself on the street, either he is crazy or he builds alone his house. (anonymous)
The only difference between a doctor and an architect is that the architect has the advantage to bury the failures.
Bob gets a visit from his neighbour.
- Hey, we want to paper the living room and it is as bigger as yours. How many rolls did you buy when you papered your room?
- Thank you.
After 2 weeks they meet :
- Bob, you moron, I've bought 20 rolls and I have 7 more left.
- Me too...
A guy enters in a shop and tells to the waitress:
- I want a sandwich with a slice of white bread, a slice of brown bread and a slice of Graham bread, toasted medium. Put the bacon and cheese on the inferior layer, the chicken, the lettuce and the tomato on the superior layer. Put mayonnaise on every layer. Then cut the hard part and cut the sandwich in four, with a slice of pickles on each and a pick to keep each quarter together. Do you understand?
-Got it, said the waitress.
Next, he shouts towards the kitchen:
A sandwich for an architect. I'll bring the plans in a second.
Four friends, an architect, a surgeon, an anaesthetist and a politician met to talk and decided to establish who has he oldest job in the world. 
The surgeon started to support his case:
The Bible says God took a rib from Adam and created the woman and that, my friends, supposes the talent of the most gifted surgeon, so it seems my job is the oldest in the world.
Let's say you are right, says the anaesthetist. However, before starting the intervention, the patient has to be asleep, and that requires the talent of the most gifted anaesthetist. So, I believe that my job can be considered the oldest.
Let's say you are both right. However, before anything it was only chaos. Everything had to be planned, drafted and built and that requires the talent of the most gifted of the architects.
Hearing these words, the politician looks the three friends and says:
Nevertheless, my friend, who do you thing that created the chaos?
An architect, an engineer and a doctor are in front of the guillotine; the doctor goes first. The blade whistled and stopped one centimetre from the doctor's neck. "A miracle", yelled the crowd, "Release him!" the engineer is the next one and the same thing happens. He gets released.
The architect goes on the scaffold and showing upwards, tells to the butcher : "I see what is your problem, you have a knot in the rope, right there".


A neutral palette does not mean that a room will look monotonous... on the contrary; it will highlight all the other elements that make it interesting.
(Regina Lynch in Susan's Sully / Charming houses, The simple Southern style)
A large space does not have to be the most charming or luxurious – it's the way personal and interesting in which you do it, how much it reflects your vision, your interests and your humour, which is giving it a warm welcome.
(Kit Kemp, Kit Kemp A Living Space)
The house is the life background.
(Ken Pursley, Perspectives On Design - Carolinas)
So many people are afraid to use colours in their homes because they do now want to make mistakes... But the ignorance and the fear are not reasons to live in an empty box.
(Jonathan Adler, Vinny Lee's 10 Principles of a quality interior)
In design and good time shows, the key for spontaneity is the training.
(Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith, Cosy house : The art of a graceful living)
A house is what we design and decorate in order to match the image of ourselves and a home is what we establish by actually living there.
(Rose Tarlow)
... the architecture is more than architecture, is a kind of discovery of the future.
(Alessandro Benetton)
Nothing should be so precious that you cannot use. Beauty is functional and raise us up. A silver spoon and a fine porcelain cup may transform a tea cup in a memorable and luxurious moment every day.
(Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith, Cosy house)
Anyone visiting the sea feels the need to bring it home – every interior is an island, a comfortable cabin, an adorned ship ready to sail in the large sea of imagination.
(Sebastien Siraudeau)
I love to have a connexion with every item in the house; that is how it gets filled with pieces of conversation-things that own not just style, but also stories.
(Alex Papachristidis)
Shape follows function - was erroneously understood. Shape and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.
(Frank Lloyd Wright)
Clarity is one of the best lessons I've learned during decoration process. When you know where to go right from the start, you tend to stress less in finding a way to get there.
(Jeffrey Alan Marks, The sense Home)
A house is nothing without accessories. On the contrary, all you have is a room full of furniture.
(Hattie Wolfe)
Architecture is the savant, correct and magnificent game of shapes reunited under the light.
(Le Corbusier)
A doctor may bury his mistakes, but an architect may only recommend to his clients to plant the vine.
(Frank Lloyd Wright)
There is not anything worse than a large superb room with a bunch of "items" in order to fill it. There is no energy, no spirit, no life. There is only filling. Accessories should represent the life of a person.
(Charlotte Moss)
Choose a big style! Dare. Leave space in order to breathe. And step with your heels and improvise a Paso Doble. Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.
(Sandra Espinet, The one well driven to the house)
The parent of art is architecture. Without a personal architecture we do not possess the soul of our civilisation.
(Frank Lloyd Wright)
Every new situation requires a new architecture.
(Jean Nouvel)
I have a design rule that is there are no rules. If I can give you an advice, do not be afraid to dare.
(Kit Kemp, A living space)
Less is more where more is not good.
(Frank Lloyd Wright)